eBay Open 2017: Workshop Videos

Sharpen your skills and change the face of your business for the better with our lineup of workshops from the eBay Open 2017.

Efficient Selling Tool Box: Top Solutions to Streamline Selling

Ready to ramp up? Get the inside scoop on the best eBay tools and third-party solutions to manage your inventory, maximize your time, and streamline all aspects of your eBay selling.

Smart Shipping

Learn how to use shipping to win sales and repeat customers. Ins and outs of eBay Guaranteed Delivery, new label services to save you time and money, tips for professional “picking and packing,” and more.

Know Your Numbers

Brush up on the fundamentals of running a profitable business: know the key financial indicators to look after and how to track and interpret your sales results.

Building Your Brand Through Social Media

You have a great story - now, let’s tell it! Get hands-on tips for using social media to build your brand, get the word out about your products, and win new customers

Going Global: Selling Beyond Our Borders

A complete guide to successful cross-border selling, utilizing our Global Shipping Program, or selling direct. Know the best countries to get started, how to deal with customs, and the ins and outs of successful international selling.

Case Studies: Sellers Share Their Secrets

Get insights from your fellow sellers. Learn from their sage advice as they share their experiences.

Top Seller Q&A - Fashion

It’s never out of fashion to be informed. A panel of top eBay Fashion sellers talk about eBay, industry trends, and take your questions.

Seller Hub: Inventory Growth, Guidance, and Insights

Unlock the power of Seller Hub - stock up on inventory guidance, understand what’s in demand, and boost the selling power of your listings.

The Perfect Listing

Could your listings be doing more for you? Learn how to optimize your listings for maximum visibility and sales, incorporating best practices for mobile, product images, SEO, and structured data.

Know Your Audience

Find out what buyers are thinking, what they're looking for, and the tools they use to find your products. eBay will share ways you can optimize your listings to what buyers are searching, and how we use data to drive traffic to your listings.

Maximizing Sales with eBay Marketing Tools

Learn how to unlock more sales with Promoted Listings, compelling promotions, and better listings visibility.

Take Better Photos

A picture is worth a thousand…sales! Our resident expert Griff will show you how to snap the best product shots, optimize your images for mobile shoppers, and scale your photo operations to keep pace with your growing business.

eBay Policies that Support Your Business

How to manage buyer expectations, profit from a generous return policy, and maintain stellar seller ratings on eBay.

Seller Q&A - Collector

Collect valuable insights. Top sellers in collectibles and hobbyist categories take your questions in this panel discussion.

Top Seller Q&A - Hard Goods

Gear up for great learnings. Top sellers in Motors, Electronics, and Business & Industrial categories take your questions in this panel discussion.