eBay Open

Ready for eBay Open 2018? We can hardly wait.

Check out what we did in 2017 and look out for the 2018 registration.

eBay Open 2017: General Session Videos

Under the bright lights of our main stage, eBay execs and superstar sellers alike delivered speeches filled insight and inspiration. There was eBay President and CEO, Devin Wenig, on what the (not-so-distant) future of e-commerce may look like and eBay SVP, Hal Lawton, talking about how to pump up your business. It. Was. Awesome.

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eBay Open 2017: Workshop Videos

Want to blow out your bottom line? What about understanding your audience better or mastering growth strategies? Those are just a few of the topics we covered at eBay Open 2017. Explore them all and get ready to become a superstar seller.

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Want More eBay Open 2017?

Check the eBay for Business Blog!

For wrap-us of each day, recaps of general sessions, and take-aways from workshops, browse the eBay for Business Blog. And, keep coming back for tips, insights, and advice from fellow sellers on how to grow your business.

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Scenes from eBay Open 2017

Excited Yet?

eBay Open 2018 is going to be tailored just for you — the can’t-wait, can-doers who make our Seller community so amazing. We’re packing a lot of info and a lot of fun into three short days. Here’s what to expect:

Learn from the Best

Hear where we’re headed first-hand from eBay leaders, and discover how to add that undefinable oomph to your business.

Meet Your Fellow A-Listers

Get to know our team and network with other sellers who know the eBay game as well as you do. And don’t miss our closing night party!

Find Your A-Ha Moment

Attend workshops, panels, and events, and take in the best sales tips and tricks from eBay experts and superstar sellers like you.